A Summer of
Racing Go-Karts & Learning STEM

ComEd is sparking 30 high school girls’ interest in STEM with our ComEd EV Rally. The girls engineered, built and raced an electric go-kart with a ComEd mentor. And each girl received a $2,000 scholarship to keep their spark for STEM alive. 


Congratulations to the first EV Rally Champions Teal Turbo! It took more than a fast electric go-kart to take home the trophy, Teal Turbo’s teamwork and quick thinking helped them become our champions. With the help of their mentors, all the girls in the EV Rally built friendships that will definitely help them on their STEM journey. 

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Build Day 01
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Race Day


Our commitment to getting young girls interested in STEM goes beyond the EV Rally. We want to inspire all girls in Chicagoland to become the next big thing in STEM. We’re giving away 500 tickets to the Museum of Science and Industry for girls and their families to use on race day, August 6. 

Use Promo Code: L57X9TD3J to grab up to four (4) Museum Entry tickets*(Details Below). Tickets must be used on Aug. 6, but can be redeemed starting July 19. Enter the code into the ‘promo code’ box during checkout the museum’s website or present the code at Museum ticket counters on the day of visit.

Offers of free Museum Entry do not include parking, Giant Dome Theater, Fab Lab, or other special exhibitions requiring a ticket purchase.

2022 TEAMS

Meet the six teams that engineered, built and raced an electric go-kart for the chance to be the EV Rally champion. Click a team to learn more. 

Relying on their strength and strategy, Blue Quest is one of the most intimidating teams in the EV Rally.

A team with great chemistry, Violet Vortex, has proven that they can find a solution to any problem.

Orange Flare is all about speed! Do your best to keep up with the Flare or get left behind.

Maybe the smartest team in the entire Rally, Yellow Spark is a spark of inspiration to everybody.

Green Galaxy’s motto is “NEVER SAY QUIT!” Get ready to see the toughest team race for the crown.

No team has more spirit than the Teal Turbo team! Their speed and spirit will carry them through the finish.


The EV Rally is just one example of how we are trying to diversify the STEM industry. Learn about how we’re helping other underrepresented groups get into STEM.


The weather and the competition were hot for the EV Rally’s race day. Friends and family gathered to support all the girls and to enjoy a great race. Each team worked together to make it an EV Rally we won’t forget.