ComEd’s commitment to helping young women enter the STEM workforce is spearheaded by programs like the EV Rally. A summer program featuring 45 Chicagoland teenagers working in teams to build and build and race their own electric go-karts with mentorship from women at ComEd. This is just one of the ways ComEd helps students realize their STEM futures


Congratulations to Lilac Laser for being the 2023 EV Rally Champions. It took teamwork and determination to beat out the other girls, but Lilac Laser came out on top. Everybody’s a winner because each girl will receive a $2,000 STEM scholarship. Big thank you to our amazing ComEd women mentors, our partners at MSI and the families and friends who made the EV Rally a great time.

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The 2023 EV Rally was our biggest one yet, with three new teams added to the race. 45 girls built and raced electric go-karts for the chance to be our new champions. Check out this video to get a look at the action.

2023 TEAMS

Get ready to meet the nine teams that will engineer, build and race an electric go-kart for the chance to be the 2023 EV Rally champion. Click a team to learn more.

Relying on their strength and strategy, Blue Quest is one of the most intimidating teams in the EV Rally.

A team with great chemistry, Violet Vortex, has proven that they can find a solution to any problem.

Orange Flare is all about speed! Do your best to keep up with the Flare or get left behind.

Maybe the smartest team in the entire Rally, Yellow Spark is a spark of inspiration to everybody.

Green Galaxy’s motto is “NEVER SAY QUIT!” Get ready to see the toughest team race for the crown.

No team has more spirit than the Teal Turbo team! Their speed and spirit will carry them through the finish.

Pink Volts, the all-female speedsters, charging ahead to victory in their lightning-fast go-karts.

Get ready to feel the heat as Fuchsia Fusion ignites the track, leaving their opponents in the dust with their unbeatable speed and seamless teamwork.

The fierce and unstoppable squad, Lilac Lasers, leave a trail of brilliance as they blaze through the competition.


The EV Rally is just one example of how we are trying to diversify the STEM industry. Learn about how we’re helping other underrepresented groups get into STEM.


The EV Rally is officially underway. The girls came together for a team-building scavenger hunt at MSI and for their first build night at the garage. With the help of ComEd mentors, each team took the first step to constructing a winning go-kart.